Established since 2005, during nearly 20 years of development and growth, Software – Automation – Control Joint Stock Company (CadPro JSC) is always leading provider of information technology and communications solutions, especially automatic control systems in Vietnam.

In its development strategy, CadPro JSC has focused research and development of integrated technology solution in accordance with financial condition of Vietnam, first of all in order to meet the increasing demand of the domestic market towards international market.

With team of doctors, programmers, engineers and system solution design, manufacturing bachelors who was basically trained at home country or abroad and skilled technicians, CadPro JSC creates a wide range of products dedicated to transportation, industry, management, education and training, military and national defense.

CadPro JSC is one of the founders of the Vietnam Software Association.

During the process of operation and development, the Board of Directors and all CadPro employees are constantly learning, innovating technology, improving products and services to bring the highest benefits to customers.

CadPro JSC is usually willing to cooperate with local and foreign partners with the criteria:

Together Cooperation - Together Development

Customer's work efficiency is the focus