CadPro company is one of the first enterprises in Vietnam operating in the software and design automation section, especially the applications in the fields of education, traffic, security, national defense...Such as:

  • Smart city monitoring and control system, smart traffic
  • Smart system for management and operation of highways and national highways;
  • Simulation system for teaching and vocational training
  • Sky monitoring system;
  • Forest fire warning and remote monitoring system
  • Urban air quality monitoring system, automatic water quality monitoring system...

Research, produce, install, repair, maintain and transfer technology for equipment and products applied in the following fields:

  • Information technology, automation control and electronics telecommunication
  • Traffic signal lights system, interior and exterior lighting system
  • Industrial automation projects
  • Measurement, laboratory, automation and environmental treatment, bio-technology systems;

Supply, install, maintain telecommunication equipment; install transmission equipment for microwave and cable network for IT infrastructure;

Produce informatic software...