CadPro Weather Forecast (Broadcast on Television)

In recent years, CadPro company has cooperated with many domestic and abroad weather forecast agencies, the central agencies and local television, in order to construct methods of hydrometeorology forecasting and communication on the media in general and on the television in particular.



Authorized by the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Culture and Information, CadPro company has developed rapidly in the field of forecasting and construct the weather forecast program broadcasting on radio and television waves, called "CadPro Weather Forecast". This program is all built-in from forecasting to broadcasting programs.


* Improve skills and implement socialization of Hydrometeorological forecasting to serve the socio-economic development, active in prevention of natural disasters, alleviate damage.
* Construct and provide the full weather analysis and forecast with time, different areas throughout the Vietnam territories.
* Provide the specialist weather forecast programs at the request of cultural center of tourism, the key economic and social areas.
* Construct and provide the weather forecast programs at the request of private radio and television centre/provinces.
* Building programs to support dissemination of knowledge about Hydrometeorological to raise the community awareness.

Equipments and Advantages:

* Modern equipment and advanced science and technology to meet the calculation and return predicted results with high reliability.
* Modern studio with full equipment.
* Staff have already experienced on the field of forecasting and weather forecast information on television.
* With the long-term cooperation in the supply, data processing and Hydrometeorological forecasting nationwide, "CadPro Weather Forecast " constantly improved not only rich in content, diverse forms, but also ensure the aesthetic, to meet increasing requirements of the television audience.