Hanoi city welcomes Giap Ngo Spring with a new CadPro's product

According to VietNamNet "Line of 3616 billion capital budget will be invested for additional back-lights count in the missing parts of this system in the traffic signal light, to transport more convenient for participants, reduce psychological clearance forward while waiting ..."



After 30 days of night work continuously to timely installation products to serve Hanoi city to welcome Tet, CadPro implemented most important installing Crossroads. The first time all over the country appear completely new products that designed and produced in Vietnam, replacing imported goods with high quality...

It has the difference by using the Intelligent Control System according to the embedded calculator CadPro of technology:

Identify easily in any environment conditions: the lights have the external light sensing, automatic reduce the brightness when nightfall, not cause the blindingly Dazzling at night and in addition obvious backing in bright sun.
Causing pay attention to the road user from a distance: the cardinal number blinks when it remains below three seconds to change the color.
Install everywhere, with many traffic lights controlling cabinets that no need to change the existing system. In particularly, at the Crossroads that have large time cycle of colored lights, CadPro Count-down automatically display the number 99 until the time reduces below 100.
Far Intensity of Illumination, preventing from electric shock, dust, water break into, reach the international standard verification IP 6X.
Using low electrical energy, maximum save on energy. With the feature of automatic sensing environment, almost time during the day that have not backing the sun, the lights system consumes only 1 / 8 of maximum capacity.
Designed and programmed in Vietnam, it has so many features of wide-open control over the needs of the intelligent traffic control.